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You have potential. At MFPT you’ll learn to recognize and understand your potential to move. When injury happens, it hurts and your potential to move gets disrupted. We know that doesn’t feel right. Our therapists at MFPT will teach you to recover comfortable movement, stop re-injury and get back to your life.

You have potential. When your athletic, artistic, or physical performance isn’t what you want it to be, that can be frustrating. Our therapists at MFPT can bring to your awareness the subtle changes necessary to recover quickly. Competitive athlete, home gardener, busy parent, office worker, and weekend warrior, we’ll motivate and educate you to feel good about your return to normal life.

You have potential. When you’re not sure what to do or where to go for help, our therapists take the time, one on one time, every treatment, to listen to your concerns and provide guidance for your recovery. We help you learn to move and move to learn.

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